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    Dwight Godwin

    My name is Dwight Godwin Sr. I am with Local 0002 and member ID number 2000480731. I want my sure that my membership has been counseled because of bad bad customer service and a waste of my money. I have submitted a cancellation to my payroll office. This is my email address This is the only way to submit because I could find the cancellation form with site.

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    Elizabeth Kuykendall

    I have not received any help from union in recent request. Looking to drop the union. If y’all ain’t going to help I don’t need you. Please send me requested form to drop union membership

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    Carrie Bernhard

    I enrolled as a new member tonight but I do not believe that I submitted the correct tab to collect the $100 sign up new membership. please advise. Thank you. Carrie Bernhard.

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